Hashcove aims to enable decentralised technology evolution and adoption, through its Blockchain solutions.

Hashcove builds global platforms leveraging and driving the latest trends from the new information age; including, encrypted identity solutions, crypto-exchanges and wallets, digital information platforms, smart contracts for ICOs and other related blockchain applications.


KYC Blockchain

KYC Blockchain is a KYC platform with mobile and web driven interface for clients to Upload there documents and share them securely with any institutions, primarily for KYC Purpose. Institutions can also contribute back to the data of the users based on permissions.

Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet is secure digital wallet used to store, send and receive crypto currencies like Bitcoins and Ethers. Hashcove offers  a wide range of solutions in developing multi-cryptocurrency wallets, with most advanced security features, for web and mobile users.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are self-executing protocols that facilitate, verify or enforce any trigger based actions; stored on the blockchain, which are decentralised and transparent, and therefore everyone can trust. Hashcove offers smart contact development, used for tokenisation. Hashcove also provides consultancy, security audits, ICO smart contracts for tokenizatons, and other smart contract related services.

Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges allow users to convert and trade their cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The exchange provides web and mobile front ends, matching engine, liquidity management, connectivity to native crypto exchanges blockchains, market data and order execution apis. The exchange can be centralised, or decentralised, or hybrid.

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India virtually bans digital currencies. Navin Surya of Payment Council of India and Kunal Nandwani of uTrade discuss the risks posed by RBI’s move with BloombergQuint's Ira Dugal on Power Lunch.

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