Hashcove's Crypto Exchange

Hashcove provides a secure, flexible and fully customizable white-labelled cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange software includes web and mobile front ends, backend server with matching engine, liquidity management, connectivity to native crypto exchanges blockchains, market data and order execution API’s.
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Why Hashcove's Exchange? 

.Our software makes it easy for users to trade cryptocurrencies and offers services such as Signup/Signin, upload KYC documents, add and withdraw funds, trade with ample liquidity across different types of cryptocurrencies.
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Scalable Backend Technology

Hashcove’s Crypto Exchange is equipped with enterprise grade matching engine and risk management system, capable of executing 1000s of transactions per second with an ultra-lean design and advanced risk controls.

Advanced Liquidity Management

Hashcove provides several algo trading, liquidity management and market making solutions.  With Hashcove’s algo engine and simplified strategy interface, market makers can implement their strategies across multiple markets in multiple underling financial instruments with ease.